Good morning,


Dear Partner,


We would like to warn you, following previous communications, that today, the 23rd, is the last day to place orders at current prices.


After 15:00, the prices will be changed to the new ones, so from that time on, there will be no possibility to use old prices.

In this sense, we suggest that if you have orders to make, that you do so no later than lunchtime, so that everything goes well and without mishaps.


Orders that are already in the system, or that will still be placed before lunchtime, must be delivered by March 31, 2022, to enjoy the prices that are in force today.

I also emphasize that in cases where the material is not delivered due to lack of stock, the commercial conditions agreed will be maintained, until the equipment becomes available.


Regarding the new Price List for 2022, it will be sent in PDF very soon for everyone to know, however, for guidance I withdraw the information given in the last circular sent:


• Overall, the price increase 5.8% across the entire Daikin range and services, with the following exceptions:

o 7.0% price increase on the Daikin Split Sensira range

o Price increase between 5.0% and 8.0% in the Daikin Chiller / UTA’s / Fan coils range

o 13.0% price increase on underfloor heating slabs

No price increase in some of the ranges that had price changes in Jan/22 (Air Purifiers, Roof-Top's and Duco range).


Best regards,


Be Air