We are a distributor of HVAC solutions, photovoltaic systems and water treatment, oriented to the domestic and industrial market.

We focus our activity on exclusive marketing to professionals in the field.


Inspiring Future - This is our main objective, we work daily for customer satisfaction by providing reliable solutions and services, associated with quality, reliable and highly efficient equipment, thus contributing to a more sustainable and promising future.



It is our mission to provide our customers with the supply of innovative energy equipment, which allows maximizing quality, rational use of energy and the preservation of the environment.


To be a reliable business partner for resale in Portugal in the areas of air conditioning, photovoltaic systems and water treatment.

We are fully committed to respecting the balance of nature and the well-being of human beings.


Recognition in the market for our professionalism, professional ethics, commitment and customer orientation, innovation and high technical know-how.


We seek to position ourselves through a strategy that involves differentiation and that strives for the excellence and value of the services we provide to the community.

We hope to be recognized as an exemplary successful company. In this context, the company practices a policy that aims to increase commercial competitiveness, through a close relationship that is created with the customer.

We are committed to efficient and competitive management, resulting from an exhaustive planning of our business and the involvement of our human resources, who strive for a proactive and dynamic action, always bearing in mind continuous improvement and innovation in the service we provide. to the client.


Be Air is a company composed of a group of professionals with vast experience and dynamism. The formation of the company was driven by the sustained growth of the Be Sun Company, now known as the Be Sun Group.

We have a young and dynamic team, formed by specialized professionals able to monetize your business.

We operate at a national level, in the North, Center, South and Islands, through Sales Delegates/Technicians, who monitor our customers on a daily basis.

Our technical department is made up of specialized engineers, who provide support in the design/budget of solutions and on-site monitoring.


Our quality policy is based on the principles:

  • Select market leading brands, which excel in quality, efficiency and versatility;
  • Constant search for technological and professional development;
  • Provide high-tech, reliable, easy-to-install and maintain products, always with high efficiency. Privilege the concept of a state-of-the-art, aesthetically pleasing and certified installation;
  • Provide constant technical support, by advising on solutions, dimensioning and budgeting of the facilities, and whenever necessary, monitoring on site;
  • Technical training on products and installations, in order to permanently enhance the quality of the services provided.