Individual entities or consortia, such as business associations or technology centers, can apply for these grants under the PRR

Applications for a global support of 705 million euros for the decarbonization of the industry, within the scope of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), are open until 29 April.

According to information made available this Monday on the Institute for Support to Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation (IAPMEI) page, the notice in question is part of a set of measures that aim to contribute to carbon neutrality, “promoting the energy transition via energy efficiency, support for renewable energies, with a focus on the adoption of low carbon processes and technologies in industry, the adoption of energy efficiency measures in industry and the incorporation of energy from renewable sources and energy storage”.

At stake is a total support of 705 million euros for companies in the industry sector and managing entities of industrial parks.

Individual entities or consortia, such as business associations or technology centers, can apply for these aids.

The projects must be developed in Portugal and the entities that are part of the consortia must have an establishment established in the NUTS II – North, Center, Lisbon Metropolitan Area, Alentejo, Algarve, Azores and Madeira regions.

These must be framed in at least one of the five areas covered by the notice in question, namely, energy efficiency, research and innovation processes, technology transfer and cooperation between companies, solar renewable energy, other renewable energies and smart energy systems.

With regard to the typology of processes, low carbon technologies in industry, adoption of energy efficiency measures in industry and incorporation of renewable energy and energy storage are covered.

The support translates into non-refundable subsidies.

The document also states that the eligible expense with the installation of electric energy production systems from solar source for self-consumption is limited to “30% of the total eligible investment amount of the operation, not considering the amount of investment in the production of electricity”. electricity from solar sources”.

The amount of support for each project may be limited, taking into account that the disbursement target of component 11 of the PRR (Industry Decarbonization) requires a minimum support of 300 decarbonization projects, “regardless of the budget allocation in competition”.

Supported projects must start within six months of their approval and have a maximum duration of 24 months from the same date.

Expenses can be submitted until December 2025.

The PRR, which runs until 2026, intends to implement a series of reforms and investments with a view to recovering economic growth. In addition to having the objective of repairing the damage caused by covid-19, this plan also aims to support investments and generate employment.

The total allocation of the PRR exceeds 16,600 million euros, distributed across its three structuring dimensions – resilience (11,125 million euros), climate transition (3,059 million euros) and digital transition (2,460 million euros).

Source: Express